Team Building

We are The Leader's Institute® certified instructors offering all of these activities:

... but the Build-A-Bike® charity event is our most popular!


Build-A-Bike® Objectives:

1. Work together as a team
Resist the urge to make this a competition! The Build-A-Bike® event requires teams to communicate and collaborate in order to accomplish the goal. You're not finished until all the bikes are built.

2. Have a ton of fun
The program is designed to satisfy all personality styles. So whether you're a driver, analytical, amiable or expressive you will bring your strengths to the activities and have lots of laughs at the same time.

3. Give back to the community
The activity finishes on an emotional high where the charitable beneficiary of the bikes joins the event to receive their gift! If timing and resources allow, this includes a surprise with the children themselves. 



Build-A-Bike® Learning Outcomes:

  • Assumptions: We often look to people in positions of power as having all of the answers.
  • Communication: The same words can have a different meaning in a different context.
  • Expectations: When you're expecting a certain response you can miss the communication that's actually being delivered.
  • Conflict: External environmental cues can conflict with verbal direction and lead you down the wrong path.
  • Collaboration: When you keep an open mind and collaborate you can accomplish the goal.

Build-A-Bike® Program:

Depending on the group size the event typically runs between 90 minutes and two hours. The program can be customized to fit your timeframe, your group size and your company's learning objectives. 

- Brief introduction and setting of objectives

- Memory activity as an entire group

- Team formation activity

- Energizing/building team spirit activity

- Questions and answers to earn bike parts

- Building of the bikes

- Bike safety test

- Debrief and reveal of event analogies to the workplace

- Presentation to the charity and remarks

- Photo and wrap-up


Our clients say:

"In a word – fantastic! I loved the event and it exceeded my admittedly high expectations."

"Thank YOU! I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and told me the program was “incredible”!!! You were AMAZING and have SO much energy! ... It almost seemed like you were having as much fun as everyone else! ... We can’t thank you enough! You would be my FIRST pick for any future programs!"

"Wow! You were just fantastic! I’m not sure where you get your energy but it was right on to keep a group of 60 people very engaged. Well done!"